Daughters Day 2017 Quotes

///////  HAPPY  DAUGHTERS  DAY /////////   to all girls and women..... IF your parents missed to wish ...dont mind.... good nite

Happy daughters day to all d beautiful ladies!Feel proud to be girl!!

Happy national Daughters day 2017 did not trend on twitter today? #ThankGodForSmallMercies

#DaughterIsSpecial she makes me feel responsible, Lucky, blessed, gifted, infact great. I m proud father of a daughter. Happy daughters day

My little jaan Vanshika came on the sets of Gang If Ghosts..Happy Daughters Day my angel

Happiness is waking up to a message from Dad.. " Happy Daughters Day " :) :)

Happy daughters day to my dolls.....my angels Moulishka Sawant Jiana N Anaisha!

Happy Daughters' Day to all the women on my TL - and to their daughters. May our tribe increase!

More soft than a feather..
More loving than any other..
More caring like my mother..
Its my Daughter's heart.

Happy Daughters' Day

Good Night Beautiful :-) @aanchalanchu Happy Daughters Day:-) Stay Safe Stay Awsome<3 Take Care.

more info regarding world daughters day is on this website, till then enjoy happy daughters day 2016